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Re: [Debian/buster] Problems after Upgrade 4:5.13.1-1 to 4:5.13.4-1

Sedat Dilek ha scritto:
On Mon, Aug 27, 2018 at 10:41 AM, Luigi Toscano
<luigi.toscano@tiscali.it> wrote:
Sedat Dilek ha scritto:


my "quick-starter" is gone - the panel with the mini-programs like
network-manager, discover (showing upgradable packages) etc.

Trying to re-add the "quick-starter" (German "Schnell-Starter") via
"add mini-programs" fails.
Adding a different mini-program like "memoory status" (German
Speicherstatus) is OK.

Is there a known issue with that?
Any workarounds you know?

As I wrote on https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=397875#c6 :

The issue seems to come from the missing update of Frameworks packages in
Only few packages from Frameworks 5.49 migrated to testing, and the vast
majority of them are still version 5.47, but the newer version of Plasma was
built against Frameworks 5.49. Just update all Frameworks 5.47 packages to
the unstable version (5.49) and Plasma should work again.

The bug should solve itself when all the packages migrate. Packagers should
ensure that the migration of Frameworks happens all at the same time, and it
blocks the dependent packages.

What is your ad-wi*s*e for upgrading?
Wait for the new packages as you wrote in the above comment is your

Do I need to upgrade all v5.47.0 packages to v5.49.0?
is it enough to do only for plasma-framework package?

I did upgrade all 5.47 packages to 5.49. All Frameworks bits are supposed to be upgraded at the same time.

I use testing but I also have unstable repositories enabled using pinning, and what I did is:
apt-get -t unstable install $(dpkg -l | awk '/5.47.0/ { print $2 }')

I was told (thanks diederik on IRC) that this should work too:
aptitude -t unstable safe-upgrade ~i~V5.47.0


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