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Re: Hanging plasmashell

Sandro Knauß - 15.06.18, 12:59:
> You will find a solution in using KIO, as it was one of the design
> goals of KIO to keep applications reactive, when a server breaks
> away. KIO solves this by set up a connection only when
> reading/writing is needed. In contrast to fusefs that simulate a
> "normal filesystem", so you will face the hanging plasmashell also
> for sshfs or samba... But I have no more deeper insight in KIO, so I
> can't give good links...


I read about some Plasma / KDE developers wanting to go FUSE way tough, 
cause KIO is Plasma/KDE only and other applications like LibreOffice do 
not understand it.

In the end it is all about non blocking I/O on network filesystems.

Also: Is there an NFS kio slave? I think there is only a CIFS one. In 
addition to File in shell (fish://) or SFTP (sftp://) and all the other 
non traditional network filesystem ones.


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