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Re: Why won't KDE start with overcommit disabled?

Le 06/06/18 à 04:27, Borden Rhodes a écrit :
> I have a problem with web browsers going rogue and locking up my
> computer such that I have to hard restart. I want to set
> vm.overcommit_memory=2 to try to invoke the OOM killer before a
> browser locks up my computer. When I do, though, SDDM will start
> normally, I'll log in but it'll freeze up whilst plasmashell is
> loading. I have 4GB of RAM and 4GB of swap. Is it not possible to set
> vm.overcommit _memory on a KDE system?
When I look at my processes, I see that baloo allocates (or is it an
mmap ?) 256 GB of memory. That could explain. But Why is baloo
allocating so much ?

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