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kdepim 17.12.3 entering unstable


I now started to upload kdepim 17.12.3 to unstable. It will take some days 
till the dust will settle.  It is known, that kjots, digikam, zanshin and do 
not play nicely toget with kdepim 17.12 and need to recompiled. This will done 
within the transition #94342.

kmymoney in experimental will get an update within the next days and should be 
working with new kdepim afterwards.

Unfortunately you need to say goodbye to blogilo, it was moved to unmaintained 
by upstream and it does not build anymore with kdepim 17.12. If anyone wants 
to step up for the mantainership...

Additionally libkolab will be removed, too. Kolab do not ship updates anymore, 
that's why kdepim now add a copy of libkolab inide kdepim-runtime. So you 
don't loose support for your kolab accounts - but do not need libkolab 


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