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Re: Qt 5.7 submodules that didn't make it to Stretch but will be in testing

El viernes, 5 de enero de 2018 14:57:41 -03 inkbottle escribió:
> Sorry to to-up on this old post.

No problems, I also tend to reply late so...
> I just came across "Problems while searching for a new upstream version"
> in <https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/qtvirtualkeyboard-opensource-src>.
> Could that be that the name changed to:
> <http://download.qt.io/official_releases/qt/5.10/5.10.0/submodules/
> qtvirtualkeyboard-everywhere-src-5.10.0.tar.xz>
> Since it is the only match for "keyboard" in that directory?

yes, we will be updating watch files as we push Qt 5.10.1.

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