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Re: akonadi duplicates messages

On Dienstag, 6. Februar 2018 06:56:37 CET Andreas Bourges wrote:
> Hi,
> ...I'm running (almost up-to-date) sid and having an annoying problem (had
> this in the past, but was working before upgrading to latest KDEPIM).
> akonadi/kmail "rediscovers" already read messages and shows them as "new",
> which results in duplicate messages in my inbox. This happens continously,
> so everyday there will be more messages und unread state, even if I mark
> them as read, they'd reappear as new ones.
> I remember there was a command to cleanup akonadi to fix that - but don't
> remember what it was.
> Any hint?
I once had a similar problem. For some reason the folder had turned read-only. 
Though in my case the duplication was because I also had a filter that tried 
to move the emails and only managed to copy. I fixed it by changing the access 
rights in akonadiconsole.


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