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tmux and vim in konsole not display correctly


i had an annoying issue for some time. If I start a vim inside a tmux inside a 
konsole, the lines get corrupted, and i can't read anymore, if I jump bigger 
chunks up/down in a document [#876362]

As I learned from the bugreport the solution is easy: install konsole from 
experimental (4:17.08.1-1):
apt install -t experimental konsole
The following packages will be upgraded: 
  kde-l10n-de konsole konsole-kpart

Be aware, this fix may introduce strange translation bugs (aka more 
untransalted strings) in the German desktop for a while... Because now you 
have a system mostly 16.12.0 but the translations are 17.08.1.

Best regards,


[#876362] https://bugs.debian.org/876362

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