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System tray icon behavior



I'm using kde plasma 5,8.7, kde frameworks 5,37.0, and QT 5,9.1 on debian testing. Almost everything works perfectly but after a recent upgrade I noticed the behavior of the system tray icons changed. Before the recent upgrade if I clicked on say, the kmail icon in the system tray, the kmail window would immediately open in a maximized view, which is the response I prefer.


Now when I click on the kmail icon in the system tray the kmail window doesn't open; rather, a kontact icon appears in the panel, and I have to click on that icon before the kmail window opens. It's a minor annoyance--I have to click two different icons to open a window instead of one. I've tried changing the settings in the "special application settings" to keep kmail above other windows, and I've tried adjusting the focus stealing, but that didn't work

I can simply keep the kontact icon open in the panel but the panel starts to get crowded after you have a few applications open. Does anyone know how I can get the old behavior back?





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