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app. launcher + scrollbar + stylus (tablet)

Hi, I want to file a bug at bugs.kde.org:
Problem is, I don't know against what "component".

Here is an example where the problem occur:
In the application launcher (favorites, applications, computer, history, 
leave), when the list is too long, there is a thin scrollbar.

What happens is I can't use this scrollbar with a stylus: What happens is 
nothing happens.

There is a similar problem with the scrollbar for scrolling through applets 
when you want to add a new applet to the panel. Visually similar thin 
scrollbar. No way to use it with the stylus.

I don't even know the name of the application launcher; not even sure it is 
still called Kickoff.

I would appreciate if you could give me some component name I could file the 
bug under, (even if it's not the best one, something I could use for a start)


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