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Re: Does Calligra Words do mail merge yet?

Gary Dale - 17.07.17, 19:17:
> I suspect the answer is no, but I'm hoping I'm wrong. Internet searches
> suggest that it might but actually trying Words I can't see any way of
> doing it.
> LibreOffice handles the mail merge but it doesn't allow for conditional
> graphics (different graphic objects appearing depending on a database
> value). I was hoping Calligra might do a better job.

You may try to ask your question on a KDE project user mailing list¹. Maybe 
there is even an Calligra specific one.

I don´t know Calligra Words deeply enough to answer your question. I tried to 
use Calligra Suite from time to time, but usually stumbled upon compatibility 
issues with my existing LibreOffice documents and thus reverted back to LO then.

[1] https://www.kde.org/support/mailinglists/


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