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Re: Plasma 5.10 in experimental ?

Hola Maxy, hola,

Maximiliano Curia - 10.07.17, 11:11:
> El 2017-07-10 a las 09:47 +0200, Martin Steigerwald escribió:
> > Martin Steigerwald - 27.06.17, 11:29:
> >> newbeewan@nativobject.net - 27.06.17, 10:44:
> >>> Is there any imports of Plasma 5.10 and/or KDE application 17.04 on some
> >>> experimental mirrors ?
> >> 
> >> From what I gathered from #debian-qt-kde channel on IRC there is no ETA
> > A short update:
> > 
> > After the team prepared Qt 5.9.1 in experimental, Maxy is now uploading KF
> > 5.36 to experimental as well. After that latest Plasma is a likely
> > candidate.
> I've just uploaded most framework packages to experimental, they are not
> really for public consumption but to have them go through NEW, probably get
> some symbols updates, and reveal some problems with experimental.

Maxy, you know us: There will be users here, who will install updates packages 
from experimental. :) But yes, thanks for the warning.

For anyone with an interest in a stable desktop: It makes sense to wait at 
least for the second iteration of these :). I think I will wait as I hold a 
training next week and don´t want to mess my desktop up before of that. But 
lets see.

Anyway, at least there is not nasty GCC/G++ transition going on at the same 
time. At least none I am aware of.


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