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Re: Plasma 5.10 in experimental ?

¡Hola Martin!

El 2017-07-10 a las 09:47 +0200, Martin Steigerwald escribió:
Martin Steigerwald - 27.06.17, 11:29:
newbeewan@nativobject.net - 27.06.17, 10:44:
Is there any imports of Plasma 5.10 and/or KDE application 17.04 on some experimental mirrors ?

From what I gathered from #debian-qt-kde channel on IRC there is no ETA for updated packages currently. Also from what I read there the team is working on updated Qt packages first. My current bet is that updated KF5 and Plasma packages will follow after Qt upgrade is done.

What I have seen is upgraded Plasma LTS 5.8 and KF 5.28 packages in Unstable to fix bugs and requests to include them in Debian Stretch as well. I am not sure how that will continue, once Plasma / KF packages of newer versions are in unstable.

A short update:

After the team prepared Qt 5.9.1 in experimental, Maxy is now uploading KF 5.36 to experimental as well. After that latest Plasma is a likely candidate.

I've just uploaded most framework packages to experimental, they are not really for public consumption but to have them go through NEW, probably get some symbols updates, and reveal some problems with experimental.

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