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Qt 5.7 submodules that didn't make it to Stretch but will be in testing


There are two Qt 5.7 submodules that we could not package in time for Strech 
but are/will be available in their 5.7 versions in testing. This are 
qtdeclarative-render2d-plugin and qtvirtualkeyboard.

declarative-render2d-plugin makes use of the Raster paint engine instead of 
OpenGL to render the  contents of a scene graph, thus making it useful when Qt 
Quick2 applications  are run in a system without OpenGL 2  enabled hardware. 
Using it might require tweaking Debian's /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90qt5-opengl. On 
Qt 5.9 and newer this plugin is merged in Qt GUI so there should be no need to 
perform any action on the user's behalf.

Debian's VirtualKeyboard currently has a gotcha: we are not building it with 
the embedded code it ships. Upstream ships 3rd party code but lacks a way to 
detect and use the system versions of them. See QTBUG-59594, patches are 
welcomed. Please note that we prefer patches sent directly upstream to the 
current dev revision, we will be happy to backport patches if necessary.
Yes, this means no hunspell, openwnn, pinyin, tcime nor lipi-toolkit/t9write 

Bebe a bordo (pero con moderación)

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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