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Re: [stretch] kdialog and okular still based on kde4

On Monday, March 20, 2017 2:56:03 PM CET solitone wrote:
> So my question is: is there any chance that relase 16.12 of okular and
> kdialog (based on kde-frameworks5)  are included in stretch? Currently
> we've got 16.08 (kde4 based), both in stretch an in sid.

That is interesting, I haven't spotted that Okular was based on kde4. Probably 
because it's so pivotal, that there is no question about installing it or not.

Also, what made you find out that the 16.12 version was kf5 based?
I can see it there:
But I have to read hard.

Anyway, for the reason you gave, I think it would be a good thing if that was 
included in stretch. It might give a better user experience.

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