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Re: Please update Sddm package with package in experimental

Thank you to your answer.

Le lundi 20 février 2017, 15:54:59 CET Maximiliano Curia a écrit :
> ¡Hola MERLIN!
> El 2017-02-20 a las 15:01 +0100, MERLIN Philippe escribió:
> > I know Debian package is frozen, but actually the Sddm package is bugged.
> > It ignores the instructions given in the /etc/sddm.conf file as HideShells
> > or HideUsers. These bugs are serious, the next version of Debian should
> > not contain these errors.
> Were these bugs reported?
I have not yet submitted these bugs.
I have searched with Google and I found bugs dated April 2016 reporting from 
other Linux the incriminated version was the 0.13.0 following the thread of 
the discussion it was corrected but i don't know how.
With the version of sddm 0.13.1 of Debian Sid and an excerpt :
I found myself with all users /bin/false or /bin/sync despite the HideShell 
parameter and also the users i named in the HideUsers parameter.
In version 0.14.0 of experimental I no longer have any worries.
> > In experimental its OK.

> Anyway, I'm preparing 0.14 for sid, which includes the desktop-base
> integration.
> This change needs the approval of the release team, if they
> consider that the new version is not required we would need to backport the
> bugfix changes of the 0.14 version, do you know which change fixes these
> issues?
I hope that the release team  will say OK.
Philippe Merlin

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