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Re: Please update Sddm package with package in experimental


El 2017-02-20 a las 15:01 +0100, MERLIN Philippe escribió:
I know Debian package is frozen, but actually the Sddm package is bugged. It ignores the instructions given in the /etc/sddm.conf file as HideShells or HideUsers. These bugs are serious, the next version of Debian should not contain these errors.

Were these bugs reported?

In experimental its OK.

I had no idea about these issues, nor I see anything directly related to this in the upstream changelog.

Anyway, I'm preparing 0.14 for sid, which includes the desktop-base integration.

This change needs the approval of the release team, if they consider that the new version is not required we would need to backport the bugfix changes of the 0.14 version, do you know which change fixes these issues?

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