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Double rebooting required after upgrades for months

For weeks or months I have a weird, though not serious, issue:
After an upgrade, if I launch "mpv" (fork of mplayer), it breaks my system:
it stops displaying windows decorations, I cannot switch between windows 
However I still have access to the panel, I still can logout or reboot.

I don't know if the issue is systematic: I have this issue for months (I 
thought it was linked to the issue with xorgs which happened some weeks ago; 
obviously it's unrelated); but this issue is always transient and never 
persists after a second reboot.

There might have been other glitches occurring after upgrade-single-reboot, 
like Knote's notes vanishing and then reappearing...

I'm wondering what mechanism can differentiate double reboot from single one.


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