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Re: Plasma 5.8.5 coming and some other rough status information


> Maxy is currently uploading Plasma 5.8.5 which contains bugfixes and
> translation updates.

maxy uploads plasma 5.8.5 to experimental. So normally it should not hit 

> As a major upgrade that I would like to see KDEPIM 16.08 (or 16.12) is still
> missing. But Qt webengine packages, a prerequisite of KDEPIM packages, are
> available meanwhile (libqt5webengine5). 

Unfortunatelly this won't happen.  The packaging of QtWebEngine took to long. 
We have already 10day migration to testing and KDEPIM 16.08 and 16.12 have 
several splits of existing repositories (aka new packages appear with 16.08 
and 16.12), so things need to go through the NEW queue. And we have the 
upcoming deadline 5th Jan for new packages to enter testing. Well if you 
calculate, that means the last day to upload new packages to sid, to enter 
testing in time would have been the 25th December. Looking at the calendar 
tells me we are after the 25th Dec :(

Well the only opportunity to get KDEPIM 16.08/16.12 to next Debian stable 
would be to start talking to the release team and get a exception. But neither 
maxy nor me want to start this discussion, because of lack of time. Just a 
sidenote: As far as I understood maxy, he has already build KDEPIM 

Best Regards,


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