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Plasma 5.8.5 coming and some other rough status information


Maxy is currently uploading Plasma 5.8.5 which contains bugfixes and 
translation updates.


As a major upgrade that I would like to see KDEPIM 16.08 (or 16.12) is still 
missing. But Qt webengine packages, a prerequisite of KDEPIM packages, are 
available meanwhile (libqt5webengine5). Sandro is working on it as far as I 
gather from #debian-qt-kde IRC channel and it appears by a issue with binutils 
I didn´t follow closely. Whether a newer KDEPIM still makes it into stretch… 
the current one works stable enough for me. At least when I raise InnoDB 
buffer pool size considerably for my huge Akonadi setup. Just with mail 
indexing on my work account it doesn´t work really nicely and builds up an 
gigantic MySQL database for some reason.

Aside from that I am quite happy. Even Digikam and Krita are back on shiny new 
Qt5 versions. KMyMoney is still Qt4, but working nicely – I believe the Qt5 
version may still be to unstable. Amarok is Qt4 and will likely remain like 
this for stretch as I am not aware of a working Qt5 based version available 
upstream. And while there is some porting activity visible in upstream version 
contaol, it appears that it sadly receives little development activity.

[1] https://cgit.kde.org/amarok.git/


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