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Kontact Calendars and Mail folders disappearing - exim update issue??

Hi Guys,

I'm having a bit of an issue with Kontact at present. The timing suggests it may be connected with the latest exim update.

First thing I noticed was the To-Dos and Calendar were not displaying. I could get the Calendar to display by chenging the folder settings (ie. path to calendar files), then changing them back. This was not persistent and had to be repeatded when Kontact was restarted.

I did the same thing in the Akonadai settings, logged out and logged back in (force Akonadia apps to restart) and the calender info is present. Pls note I'm pretty sure I put everything in Akonadai back the way it was - but am not completely certain.

After the logout/in Kontact/Kmail reported that the folders I had deleted were associated with my mail account (I do not remember the exact wording - apologies for that).
Pls note I have not deleted any files or directories,

E-mail messages still appear to be in ~/.local/share/local-mail.
All the settings I've found to date (Kontact > KMail settings dialogs and Akonadai dialogs from System Settings) point to ~/.local/share/local-mail

A new directory ~/.local/share/.local-mail.didrectory has appeared with a Date stamp consistent with the start of this issue. It has the same subdirectory structure as ~/.local/share/local-mail but all the directories are empty.

My current working assumption is an issue with the recent exim update. Fundamentally I'm asking for help to confirm/deny/troubleshoot that. If it's more likely that this is a KDE issue I'll post over there. (Did a quick search, found nothing but my search skills suck)

Also - is anyone else seeing this? If not it's probably my system (read on...)

Some not so recent history which may be relevant:
Bottom line of that is I created /var/lib and deleted it when the fix to the mysql update was released. This broke apr so I put /var/lib back and am still getting some fallout from that error. Not trying to fix this one at present, but mention it in case it's relevant.

Sorry for the length, hope it's clear.

Thanks for reading this far,

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