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Re: Unable to send email with kmail

On Thu 31 Mar 2016 06:59:45 PM thomas@fjellstrom.ca wrote:
> Hi,
> Just started seeing an error in kmail when trying to send email.
> I get this in outgoing emails:
> Failed to transport message. Unable to create SMTP job.
> On sid if that helps. And just updated packages (and restarted kmail +
> akonadi)
> ...
> After getting that far in writing this mail, I decided to double check
> my mail server was working correctly, turns out it is. And kmail doesn't
> even seem to be sending smtp requests to my server at all. IMAP works
> fine.
> I tried to run kmail from the console with --nofork, but no relevant
> information appeared when trying to send an email.
> As an aside, it also can't seem to load external images any more, even
> after clicking the "load external references" link. Luckily I have
> roundcube set up so I can actually send emails.
> Hoping someone will know what's wrong here, or if there's a fix coming?

Seems to have fixed itself after a reboot (there were some package updates 
between the error happening and the reboot). Strange. Links in konsole were 
also broken (kio error).

Thomas Fjellstrom

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