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Unable to send email with kmail


Just started seeing an error in kmail when trying to send email.

I get this in outgoing emails:

Failed to transport message. Unable to create SMTP job.

On sid if that helps. And just updated packages (and restarted kmail +


After getting that far in writing this mail, I decided to double check my mail server was working correctly, turns out it is. And kmail doesn't even seem to be sending smtp requests to my server at all. IMAP works fine.

I tried to run kmail from the console with --nofork, but no relevant information appeared when trying to send an email.

As an aside, it also can't seem to load external images any more, even after clicking the "load external references" link. Luckily I have roundcube set up so I can actually send emails.

Hoping someone will know what's wrong here, or if there's a fix coming?

Thomas Fjellstrom

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