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Re: Plasmashell is eating too much CPU sometimes

On Thursday 03 March 2016 11:32:56 C. Mourad Jaber wrote:
> I'm currently experimenting an issue with plasmashell
> (plasma-framework:5.16.0-1).
> For an unknown reason plasmashell process start to eat 1 CPU at 100%
> and it stay stuck to  consume all that power...

I've seen this, too. A reliable way to cause it on my system is to start 
VLC on the command line with a non-existing file. This provokes VLC 
display a CPU-burning loop of error messages. The only way I've found to 
stop this is to kill the VLC process.

Plasmashell is not involved in this in any obvious way, but some time 
afterward plasmashell itself goes to 100% CPU, too, and needs to be 
forcibly restarted.


[*] https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/6339
Michael Schuerig

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