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Re: Kdeconnect 9.0 in SID

Hi Miguel,

> I have recently contacted kdeconnect people and they told me they already
> released version 9.0 like two months ago, they recommended me to contact
> directly with debian package manteiners. I have searched about and there is
> no news since August15, any idea where i should continue searching for info?

Yes, it looks that previous maintainer is not active since August [1].

Lisandro has wrote a week ago that he is going to update this package [2].
Probably this will happen quite soon.

[1] http://search.gmane.org/?query=&author=david.sephirot%40gmail.com&sort=date
[2] http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-kde-talk/2016-January/002280.html

Best wishes,

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