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Re: After upgrade: Strange behavior of plasmashell

Am Samstag, 15. August 2015, 16:35:10 schrieb Volker Christian:
> Hello,
> i am on debian-sid and my last update with breeze on hold was eight days
> ago. Today i did a "apt-get upgrade", still with breeze on hold. After the
> upgrade kwin crashes so i set the breeze packages to unhold and did an
> upgrade again. After this, i could login, kwin didn't crash anymore, and
> everything seems to behave as expected.
> With one exception: The plasmashell itself behaves very strange. It is
> started decorated, having a titiebar, a window-frame, and close and
> minimize buttons. I am able to move this window (containing the
> plasmashell) around on the desktop. It looks like, the plasmashell is not
> started as a root-window anymore.
> I have also tried to login to a total fresh user-account with the same
> behavior - the plasmashell gets started as a "normal" window.
> Did anybody notice the same behavior, and did anybody now the reason for
> this strange behavior?
> Kind regards
> Volker

same problem here...


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