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Re: Things possibly missing/broken from Plasma 5 on Sid?

Am Montag, 20. Juli 2015, 03:39:35 schrieb Rubin Abdi:
> Now after much searching I'm finding that either some things haven't made
> it into Sid, simply don't exist yet in Plasma 5, or I just haven't found a
> good solution to. I'm hoping by listing some of this stuff here and
> either get a confirmation that it's just not ready for Plasma 5 on Sid,
> or that maybe there's some solution to getting it working that I haven't
> found.

Read the list, many of these have already been discussed:

> - No simple way of getting older style system tray apps in the newer
> system tray (Pidgin, Shutter)

Known issue. Systray doesn´t support old way to add icons. Read list.

> - No printer manager

Experimental has one that is installable.

merkaba:~> rmadison print-manager | cut -c1-74
print-manager | 4:4.14.0-1              | stable          | source, amd64,
print-manager | 4:4.14.0-1              | stable-kfreebsd | source, kfreeb
print-manager | 4:4.14.0-1              | testing         | source, amd64,
print-manager | 4:4.14.0-1              | unstable        | source, amd64,
print-manager | 4:15.04.0~git20150217-1 | experimental    | source, amd64,

Didn´t restart session yet to see whether its the kded service for it works.

> - No veromix

No idea. Do not use PulseAudio.

> - Ability to customize time/date format isn't implemented yet (or ever
> will be?)


> - No kscreensaver

Basic screen blanker with powerdevil package.

kscreensaver is not supported anymore. See blog from kwin developer Martin 
Graesslin for details.

> - Can't customize where krunner indexes

Is in system-settings Desktop/Search (roughly translated from german) (also 
accessible from krunner itself).

Baloo settings are also available there. Only basic kcm working currently 
and so you can only exclude directories.

> - No colord / KDE color profile manager

No idea yet.

> - CPU/RAM/HD panel monitors are huge and there's no way to resize them

Agreed. Widget placement is a lot tricker than with KDE SC 4. I consider 
filing upstream bugs about some of these issues.


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