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Re: Newer KDEPIM for Jessie

El Tuesday 12 May 2015, Christian Hilberg escribió:
> Hi all,
> seeking for a less-painful-than-self-compile way to get KDEPIM
> 4.14.7 into Debian/Jessie (for much the same reasons as pointed
> out by the OP), I stumbled across
> 	http://kdebian.org/ppa/
> While this repo seems to have all of the packages I'm after, I do
> not really know to make heads or tails of it.
> There site does not mention any maintainer. The owner of the
> domain hides behind some privacy service. There seems to be some
> connection to a live.ru account, but that does not necessarily
> mean anything.

Opened the akonadi package (first one alphabetically), and the author of the 
latest changelog entry is Nikolay Romanov <lum [ynwim] live.ru>
> Other than being referred to from some blog posts, I did not find
> any information as to whether or not this PPA can be trusted. I
> for one do *not* trust, because of missing information about
> who's behind that PPA, but maybe there is some info about this
> site I missed?

The sources. :)

> Anyway, the DSC files from that repo might be worth a look when
> trying to set up some trustworthy alternative to it, which would
> surely be of a great relief to Debian/Jessie KDEPIM users.

I haven't inspected all of them, just akonadi. But for it, there are sources 
(and I haven't inspected que quality). That doesn't mean the work done for 
those packages can be reused.

Making a quick and dirty package for yourself can be done in minutes if for 
your use case some things are irrelevant. But that is not normally the case of 
official packages.

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