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Re: KNotes Crashes On Wheezy

On Friday 29 Aug 2014 17:49:54 I wrote:
> I'm getting occasional (well, twice so far) crashes in Knotes as it starts
> up after user login to the desktop.  I would attempt to report this,
> except that the Crash Reporting Assistant says the backtrace is not useful
> due to missing symbols.
> So I'm trying to figure out which debug packages to install to get the
> symbols in place.  

For the record, the following -dbg packages were required:
and the Knotes backtrace now gets 3 shiny gold stars.

I would be adding a note about whether or not the crash was a known crash, 
except that Dr Konqui is bamboozling me with the following nonsense when I try 
to connect it to bugs.kde.org using my usual account.  

  There was an unhandled Bugzilla error: unknown response
     from the server
  You tried to log in using the nick@glimmer.adsl24.co.uk account, 
  but KDE Bugtracking System is unable to trust your request. 
  Make sure your web browser accepts cookies and that you 
  haven't been redirected here from an external web site. 
  Click here if you really want to log in.

(clicking "here" does absolutely nothing, and trying again just repeats the 
same failure; my default browser is Konqueror, in which cookies are enabled)

Jeez, it ain't half getting difficult to report a bug these days :-)

And .. [starts muttering to self] ... even if I can solve this problem, 
kde.org will probably only tell me that the version of Knotes in Debian stable 
is no longer supported, and that I'm wasting their time ... that's what they 
usually say.  Maybe Debian should stop shipping Dr Konqui in stable releases 

Anyway, I'm off to try to figure out what's wrong with logins to bugs.k.o.

Coding is easy;  All you do is sit staring at a terminal until the drops
of blood form on your forehead.

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