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documentation for digikam/kipi-plugins and smugmug import?

digikam purportedly includes the capability, via kipi-plugins, to import
smugmug albums.

This capability seems to have been present for several years now:
  https://commit-digest.org/issues/2009-01-18/ says:

> SmugMug KIPI Plugin: plugin now also provides also import feature
> - you can download your SmugMug albums to local disk
> - you can download albums of other SmugMug users (public, album or site password)
> - you can also download albums without SmugMug username (anonymous) 

But I can't find any documentation that tells me how to perform downloads of
someone else's galleries. (Indeed, any mention of smugmug import is noticeably
absent from the kipi-plugins help, even though a menu item appears in digikam,
but the correct way to use the resultant dialog is non-obvious.) Can someone
please point me to some documentation about how to download someone else's
password-protected gallery, given that I know the password for it?

I can browse the gallery just fine in a web browser browser as soon as I enter
the gallery password, but I can't find any way to download the gallery other
than via a web browser. by first manually clicking on each picture to view it
at full size, at which point a "download" icon does appear -- which isn't very
practical for a gallery that contains hundreds of pictures.

Failing documentation for this feature in kipi-plugins, can someone suggest a
way to download said gallery via some other mechanism?


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