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Re: KMail: Push-IMAP?

Hi Michael,

Am Dienstag, 26. August 2014, 18:43:00 schrieb Michael Schuerig:
> Most of my email I receive on two IMAP accounts, personal and mailing
> lists, who between them have about 50 folders. Filtering into folders is
> done server-side. New messages are retrieved in 7 and 11 minute
> intervals respectively, in order to receive messages in a timely
> fashion.
> As it happens, on my otherwise idle notebook, the retrieval causes just
> enough load to make the fans spin. If possible, I'd like to avoid that.
> Folders holding high-volume mailing lists are likely to acquire a few
> new messages on each check. For most other folders the likelihood is
> rather low, but if there are messages, I'd rather get them quickly, at
> least for my personal account.
> >From earlier messages on kdepim, my understanding is that KMail (or
> rather Akonadi) supports a limited form of push-email through IMAP IDLE.
> However, apparently this is (or was) only available for a single inbox
> per account and at any rate not scalable to the number of folders I
> have. From the KMail settings I can see that my IMAP server does support
> IDLE, but I can't see whether KMail makes any use of it.
> Any suggestions on how to deal with a case like this?

I think by default it only work for the folder which is declared as inbox.

And for me when I send a message to my IMAP account it appears immediately in 
inbox folder despite the 15 minute interval I set up for it.

Also while write this mail a spam mail arrived there… so, I bet this works.

For upstream related questions like this I suggest trying on kdepim-users 
mailing list on lists.kde.org, a subscription page I think is reachable from 
kde.org "Mailinglists" or some such.

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de
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