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KMail: Push-IMAP?

Most of my email I receive on two IMAP accounts, personal and mailing 
lists, who between them have about 50 folders. Filtering into folders is 
done server-side. New messages are retrieved in 7 and 11 minute 
intervals respectively, in order to receive messages in a timely 

As it happens, on my otherwise idle notebook, the retrieval causes just 
enough load to make the fans spin. If possible, I'd like to avoid that.

Folders holding high-volume mailing lists are likely to acquire a few 
new messages on each check. For most other folders the likelihood is 
rather low, but if there are messages, I'd rather get them quickly, at 
least for my personal account.

>From earlier messages on kdepim, my understanding is that KMail (or 
rather Akonadi) supports a limited form of push-email through IMAP IDLE. 
However, apparently this is (or was) only available for a single inbox 
per account and at any rate not scalable to the number of folders I 
have. From the KMail settings I can see that my IMAP server does support 
IDLE, but I can't see whether KMail makes any use of it.

Any suggestions on how to deal with a case like this?


Michael Schuerig

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