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KDE Partition Manager

[resent - original on 17/08/2014 did not appear]

Is KDE Partition Manager [1] still a maintained package ?

I ask because the version in stable (Wheezy) is still the same version as in 
oldstable (Squeeze) - 1.0.2-1.  This matters because 1.0.2 lacks features 
which are needed with modern large hard drives.  It also has some rough edges 
which don't inspire confidence in such a critical utility.  

Jesse has 1.0.3, but I don't run any testing systems and have no idea whether 
the minor version bump adds anything.

Having just bought a large (2TB) 4KiB-sector ("advanced" format) hard drive I 
am currently researching how to set it up to avoid the widely-documented 
performance problems [2] [3] seen with poorly-aligned partitions on advanced-
format drives.

It appears to be crucial to use a partitioner that can create Mib-aligned 
partitions, and recent versions [4] (an old PartedMagic CD) [5] (latest 
LiveCD) of the Gnome GUI for libparted (GParted) have a drop-down on the 'new-
partition' dialog box allowing a choice from cyl/MiB/none (I assume 'none' 
means 'sector').  GParted seems to have had this feature since at least 2012.

However, the KDE GUI to libparted (KDE Partition Manager) doesn't expose the 
alignment setting at all when creating new partitions (there's no dropdown). 
You can specify space left before and after the new partition but not the 
alignment - see [6].

(There's a Debian bug #754580 [9] requesting the maintainer to package 
"upstream version 1.1.0", but (a) I haven't found any reference to such a 
version anywhere else,  (b) the kde.org page for the package [7] has a 
screenshot showing version 1.0.5, (c) it also states that the package homepage 
is at Sourceforge [8], but the Sourceforge page offers only version 1.0.0beta 
[!] and states that the main developer has died and the package moved to 
kde.org as of January 2014 ..... "curious", said Alice)

I don't want to install any Gnome/GTK stuff on an otherwise pristine 
Debian stable KDE setup so if KDE Partition Manager can't be used then I'll be 
reverting to a bootable GParted LiveCD to set up this additional data 
drive .... which is less than convenient.

[Yes, I could do it all from the command-line, but that's more painful, and 
anyway shouldn't KDE Partition Manager be keeping up ?]

[1] https://packages.debian.org/partitionmanager 
[2] http://hothardware.com/Reviews/WDs-1TB-Caviar-Green-w-
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4_KB_sector_alignment#512e
[4] http://glimmer.adsl24.co.uk/images/GParted-0.13-new-partition-dialog.png
[5] http://glimmer.adsl24.co.uk/images/GParted-0.19.1-new-partition-dialog.png
[6] http://glimmer.adsl24.co.uk/images/KDE-Partition-Manager-1.0.2-new-
[7] http://www.kde.org/applications/system/kdepartitionmanager/
[8] http://sourceforge.net/projects/partitionman/
[9] https://bugs.debian.org/754580

All clues welcome.
Maybe the rumoured version 1.1.0 does exist, and brings the package feature-
set into the year 2014 - but I guess I'd still have to wait till Jessie gets 
released.  Maybe the GParted LiveCD is the only way forward.

Should I submit a usability bug for the partition alignment issue ?

Mever FDISK after midnight

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