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Re: Kde-telepathy 0.8.1.

Hi Diane,


On Wednesday 21 May 2014 23:52:07 Diane Trout wrote:

> I'm not surprised that SIP has issues. I've had the same issue trying to

> call between ktp & jitsi. I'll initiate a call and the other side never

> pops up a "do you want to answer" message. I'm slowly plugging away at

> updating ktp- call-ui to use newer farstream / gstreamer which might help.

> (it offers some updates to the SIP negotiation.)


...alright - looking forward to it! If you need somebody to test this, just drop me a note!


> I'm more surprised that Jabber isn't working. However it looks like its a

> bug in Cisco.

> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39057

> It'll probably need to be fixed in telepathy...


...oh - didn't find this in my google-searches. Looks like this is my problem - but the bug was last update 9/2013. Doesn't look very promising :( - which is kind of bad, because this might be the next IM platform in our company :((



Thanks for your response,




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