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Re: Kde-telepathy 0.8.1.

On Wednesday, May 21, 2014 16:09:34 Andy Bourges wrote:
> HI,
> ...I tried 0.8.1 today, but with the same lack of success as in the previous
> version :(
> SIP: registration to a cisco CallManager works fine, but once I start to
> dial, nothing happens (phone widget shows "ringing", but actually no
> signaling is happening (verified with wireshark). Anybody similar
> experiences?
> JABBER: registering to a cisco presence server passes authentication, but
> then a whole bunch of xml messages are exchanged and registration never
> completes?! Registering to google works, though...
> Hints welcome!

I'm not surprised that SIP has issues. I've had the same issue trying to call 
between ktp & jitsi. I'll initiate a call and the other side never pops up a 
"do you want to answer" message. I'm slowly plugging away at updating ktp-
call-ui to use newer farstream / gstreamer which might help. (it offers some 
updates to the SIP negotiation.)

I'm more surprised that Jabber isn't working. However it looks like its a bug 
in Cisco.


It'll probably need to be fixed in telepathy...


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