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No localization with KDE 4.11.3

I have two l10n packages installed but in the "Country and Language"
section of systemsettings

 - I only have "System Country ()" and "No Country (Default Settings)"
   as options on the Country tab.
 - No languages are shown on the Languages tab
 - On the currency tab I only have the options for "(USD)" or nothing. I
   have no currency symbols available.
 - In the spell check section there is nothing in the "Default Language"

Also if I choose "Switch Application Language" from the Help menu there
are no languages listed. I can set the language in the rc files in
$HOME/.kde/config/*rc and those settings will be used.

This problem is not limited to my profile. I created a new test user and
it also does not have the language options available. I've tried
starting KDE with both "startx" and KDM. There is no difference.

This problem cannot be seen on another computer which also has KDE
4.11.3 installed, so the problem may be specific to my installation.

I'm hoping someone will have suggestions to fix this problem.

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