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Kopete upgrade loses OTR?

I just upgraded both my laptop and my desktop this week, and kopete was upgraded from 4:4.8.4-1+b1 to 4:4.8.4-2:

ii  kopete                                4:4.8.4-2                         amd64        instant messaging and chat application
ii  libkopete4                            4:4.8.4-2                         amd64        main Kopete library

In 4.8.4-1+b1, off the record messaging worked. With 4.8.4-2, it is missing. And the otr packages installed on both machines are

ii  libotr2                               3.2.1-1                           amd64        Off-the-Record Messaging library
ii  libotr5                               4.0.0-2.2                         amd64        Off-the-Record Messaging library

yet, there is no otr in the plugins list, nor, I notice, is there an openpgp plugin. Have these protocols been deprecated, or is there some step or package that I am missing?


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