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Re: Re: help with debugging Akonadi woes


> > I would appreciate, though, if I could get a confirmation or refutation
> > of said bug to find out whether this is my setup or indeed a more
> > general bug.
> Well I have KMail from KDE SC 4.10.2 here and it respect my OpenPGP
> settings, but then I just have one GPG key set and it matches my mail
> address.

Yep, it always does that it seems, the trouble starts if you try anything 
else. But as far as I can tell this is not actually about OpenPGP but an 
Akonadi issue.

By KMail from KDE SC 4.10.2 you mean upstream? I am running KMail 1.13.7 from 
Debian/Unstable (4:

> Upstream it could happen that you get asked whether its reproducable with a
> newer version of KDEPIM, as 4.4.11 is rather old.

> But in KDEPIM since 4.6
> also KMail has moved to Akonadi for mail access (KMail 2) and it involves
> migrating data or recreating the configuration from scratch and can have
> various issues. I reported some here, some at kdepim / kdepim-users and
> most in bugs.kde.org. Currently I workaround most of these issues with a
> special setup.

I know, that's why I reported it here first: KMail 1.3.7 is unsupported by 
upstream as far as I understand it. But Kmail2 is not available in Debian, 


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