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Re: Problems with contacts and calendar in Kontact, Wheezy

Am Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013, 01:54:37 schrieb Stanley Schade:
> Hi,
> Am Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013, 20:02:58 schrieb tf@timfolger.net:
> > I've been using Kontact. If I can't solve these problems I'll see if
> > I can use the stand-alone address book.
> > In System Settings>Personal Information>Contacts there are two
> > entries: Akonadi-resource Personal, set as standard; and Default
> > Address Book. Both have check marks beside them. The Default Address
> > Book points to ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf
> > Might this be causing the problem with Contacts? That is, not being
> > able to edit locations or add new people to my Contacts list?
> All I can say is that I am able to reproduce this problem on my system.
> Thus, saving a new contact in Kontact didn't work, but doing so in the
> stand-alone address book did work. Good luck!

As I still used KDEPIM 4.4.11 as of what Wheezy includes now, the personal 
addressbook worked nicely. It saves contacts into ~/.local/share/akonadi just 

AFAIR I migrated back then by having a traditional address book with std.vcf 
and the personal addressbook (vcard folder) with ~/.local/share/akonadi and 
just copied all contacts over. Then I removed the old one.

The address book in KDEPIM 4.4.11 already uses Akonadi.

Korganizer can optionally use Akonadi via a resource bridge. I had it running 
with Akonadi, although it was a bit cumbersome to configure. I think I switched 
it to Akonadi configuration as I had some issues with the old configuration from 
older KDEPIM releases.

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