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Problems with contacts and calendar in Kontact, Wheezy



I just upgrarded from Squeeze to Wheezy a couple of nights ago, and most things went pretty smoothly. Kontact was a different story. A total mess. Kmail works fine, but the calendar and address book don't work as expected.


First problem: I can't edit contacts in the address book, or add new contacts. Whenever I try to edit a contact to add, say, a phone number or street address, the information isn't saved.


Second problem: calendar entries aren't saved from one session to the next. If I enter an event on the calendar, it's not there next time I restart kontact.


Third problem, really more of an annoyance: Below each contact in the address book there are two big QR codes. From what I've been able to find out online, there is no way to turn this "feature" off in the version of kontact that shipped with Wheezy. One suggested solution was to edit

~/.kde/share/config/akonadi_contacts_resource_0rc to add the following two lines:



That didn't work. But I could live with the QR code if I could just get basic functionality working in Kontact. I've wasted an entire day trying to fix this. I've been using kontact for a few years, and kmail as a stand-alone applicaiton before that, but now I'm strongly considering switching to something a bit more user friendly. I don't see how something this problematic could be included in debian stable.

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