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Re: KDEPIM & Cal-/Card-DAV

On Monday, 2012-11-26, David Smith wrote:

>  I'm in mainland China which has artificial connectivity problems with
> google's mail servers.  That *might* be the cause of my constant KMAIL
> crashes, but I never bothered to investigate further.   Even when I'm
> not doing anything with KMAIL, and just have it running it in the
> background doing nothing, it will just crash all by itself and I have
> to regularly restart it. Again, that might just be because I have a
> lot of connectivity problems to the mail server that KMAIl is trying
> to use. I've tried doing everything in the book (deleting all of the
> user's config files, using a different user account on the PC, etc..)
> with no success..  I'm sure if I stop using google's mail servers from
> China, the problem will probably go away, but gmail's spam filter is
> the best I've ever seen so I keep using it anyway and just gave KMAIL
> the boot.

How are you connecting to GMail? POP3 or IMAP?
While I have two GMail accounts, using POP3 with one and IMAP with the other, 
I always never use the latter.
The POP3 access seems to handle connectivity problems fine as far as I can tell 
(I have random connection drops when using "mobile broadband" on trains).

The only IMAP account I am using regularily and also in connection drop 
situation is a Kolab account (I also get calendar and tasks through it), so it 
is a Disconnected IMAP:


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