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Re: telepathy in sid...

On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 12:28 PM, Andreas Bourges <andy@bourges.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> ...I was trying out telepathy yesterday as a replacement for pidgin and
> twinkle. But unfortunately some features are missing / don't work - or maybe I
> just missed something...
> I was wondering if anybody on the list has experience using telepathy in
> current sid, especially my problems were:
> - yahoo buddies are not imported when configuring a yahoo account
> - on irc accounts I can join the channels, but I'm unable to start a private
> chat with someone in a channel
> - "/" irc commands don't work

Irc support has been dropped in 0.5. Use a proper irc client instead.
We simply don't use irc with telepathy, so none of us is interested in
fixing it.

> - when configuring a sip account registration works, but the "headset-icon" is
> still disabled and I'm unable to place/receive calls via my sip gateway

In 0.4 you can receive, but not place sip calls. In 0.5 there is an
extra UI for calling sip numbers. Hopefully at some point I will get
to package 0.5.x...

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