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telepathy in sid...


...I was trying out telepathy yesterday as a replacement for pidgin and 
twinkle. But unfortunately some features are missing / don't work - or maybe I 
just missed something...

I was wondering if anybody on the list has experience using telepathy in 
current sid, especially my problems were:

- yahoo buddies are not imported when configuring a yahoo account
- on irc accounts I can join the channels, but I'm unable to start a private 
chat with someone in a channel
- "/" irc commands don't work
- when configuring a sip account registration works, but the "headset-icon" is 
still disabled and I'm unable to place/receive calls via my sip gateway

Has anybody been successfull using telepathy in KDE and can give me some hints 
for the above problems? Or is this just the state in telepathy 0.4 and we have 
to wait for future improvements?!



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