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Re: telepathy in sid...


On Thursday 18 October 2012 12:22:47 Mario Fux wrote:
> I think you should forget about IRC in KDE Telepathy as the KDE Telepathy
> people decided not to support IRC any further (which makes sense for me:
> see konversation, quassel, etc.).

hm, bad luck. Since I've always multiple conversations (yahoo/irc/...) I'd 
prefer to have a single tabbed window conatining all the single conversations, 
regardless of the used protocol (like pidgin does provide currently).

> > - when configuring a sip account registration works, but the
> > "headset-icon" is still disabled and I'm unable to place/receive calls
> > via my sip gateway
> KDE Telepathy 0.4 worked for me (us). Not always flawlessly but I can use
> Jabber accounts and even Video chat works (not always but doesn't need to
> be KDE Telepathy's problem).

...I'm trying to connect to the callmanager in our office and since twinkle is 
about to be removed from the repositories I looked around for a SIP-phone 



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