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Re: KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.8.3 available in qt-kde.debian.net

Am Mittwoch 16 Mai 2012 schrieb Luca:
> I simply followed the instructions on http://qt-kde.debian.net/
Me too

> It could be because I have only the wheezy main and the
> wheezy-proposed- updates repository enabled
I also have only this repos in my sources.list

> Before the upgrade, have you manually installed from libattr1 and
> libacl1 from sid? The wheezy version is to low
That's the problem, I am not very experienced in installing libs or even 
programs without aptitude.
Could you please offer a step-by-step recipe how to manually install 
these libs?

Thanks in advance

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Matthias Müller
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