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Re: KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.8.3 available in qt-kde.debian.net

No errors so far, 1 day using

Thanks for updates )
regards, michael

On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 12:27 AM, Eshat Cakar <info@eshat.de> wrote:

KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.8.3 has been uploaded to our semi-official mirrors
(available for both, amd64 and i386, systems).

Note that the upload currently only contains base packages of Plasma
Due to this partial upload [1], the packages are considered experimental and
targeted at experienced users of the unstable distribution.
Users of debian testing might use them too, if apt-get/aptitude is not
complaining about dependency problems.

However, it is not recommended to use the repository on production systems.
If you're fine with that, head over to http://qt-kde.debian.net for install

Feedback is highly appreciated, since it will help getting these packages into
the official archive.
Especially report any issues during the upgrade process (i.e. file/dependency
conflicts) or if you encounter any misbehavior in KDE applications, that used
to work before the upgrade.

As usual, please do *NOT* report bugs in the BTS against these semi-official
packages. Use this mailing list (debian-kde@lists.debian.org) or the IRC
support channel #debian-kde at irc.debian.org instead.

P.S. Wether you decide to upgrade, or not: if you previously used
/etc/apt/preferences.d/kde-experimental to upgrade to 4.7.4 from experimental,
make sure to delete it, since it is not necessary for KDE SC 4.7.4 anymore and
might cause trouble in future releases.

Best regards

Eshat, on behalf of the pkg-kde Team

[1] The reason why the upgrade is not covering all KDE SC packages, is that we
   want to upload the packages to unstable in various batches to make the
   transitions to testing easier. A list of built 4.8.3 source packages can
   be found at http://qt-kde.debian.net/debian/.
   Also the kdeutils and kdeaccessibility packages were split into
   multiple small source packages with KDE SC 4.8, which implies some extra
   work, that has not been completed yet.

eshat cakar
web: www.eshat.de                       gpg-id: 799B 95D5

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