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Re: building calligra 2.4.1

Hi Martin,

On Thursday 10 May 2012 10:20:22 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> I am trying to build calligra 2.4.1, but it fails:
> CMake Error: The source directory "/home/martin/KDE/Calligra/calligra"
> does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt.
> Any idea?

The git repositories do not contain the upstream sources. They only include 
the debian/ folder.
That is why you need to get the upstream tarball and extract it into the git 
Run "uscan --force-download calligra" in /home/martin/KDE/Calligra 
to get the latest upstream source. uscan also takes care of the right symlink 
"calligra_2.4.1.orig.tar.bz2 -> calligra-2.4.1.tar.bz2"

cd into your calligra directory and run 
tar ../calligra_2.4.1.orig.tar.bz2 --strip=1
Now retry your dpkg-buildpackage command. 

You might want to add "-us -uc -jX" Where X matches the number of your CPU 
Cores, to speed things up.
Note that calligra has a lot of build dependecies, that you probably do not 
have all installed (dpkg-buildpackage will let you know).
It is usefull to learn building in a chroot (have a look at pbuilder for 
example) for such a huge package.

Good luck ;)

eshat cakar
web: www.eshat.de                       gpg-id: 799B 95D5

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