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Re: Where to store downloaded icon?

On 03/05/2012 at 23:59, "Edward C. Jones" <edcjones@comcast.net> wrote:

> I have compiled and installed the old image viewer "xv".  

Just out of curiosity -- why? There are bunch of low resource image viewers 
for Linux, some of them controlled entirely from command line. Perhaps feh is 
most notable example.
KDE has gwenview, which is great, too.

> If I find an icon
> for xv somewhere, where on my computer do I store it? How do I put it on
> the
> panel?

Although seems simple, this question is quite complex.

First of all, KDE uses freedesktop spec compliant .desktop files to gather 
information about programs, icons and anything related. These .desktop files 
are stored in /usr/share/applications/ (globally) and 
~/.local/share/applications/ (per-user). Settings from user directory 
overwrites any settings from global directory.
You can read desktop spec on [1]. Or just check some files in global dir, there 
are bunch of these.

As for icon, you can either specify icon name (then icon from current icon 
theme will be used), or, what is more appropriate in your case, specify 
absolute path to icon. Therefore answer to your question is: if you find icon 
for xv, you may store it anywhere. Just make sure that this icon stays there 
(so /tmp/ is not good place) and that it stays out of you way (maybe make it 
start with dot?).

(We will get to easier method of editing .desktop files shortly.)

As for your second question about icon of xv launcher on panel, then the 
answer is: it depends. Panels are just plasma containers, so they can not have 
any icons on their own. You need to place plasma applet on plasma panel. And 
according to plasmoid you use there may be different places to configure icon.

I think that the best you can do is placing Quicklaunch plasmoid on your 
panel. By right-clicking on it you can modify existing launchers or create 
new. Each launcher is separate .desktop file. By setting it through Quicklaunch 
GUI (you can set command to execute, name, icon, description and many more), 
Quicklaunch will take care of creating valid .desktop file and placing it in 
right place.
1. place Quicklaunch on your panel
2. configure xv launcher for it
3. done :)

Hope that helps

[1] <http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/>
Best regards
Mirosław Zalewski

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