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Re: kde cannot find http://download.kde.org/ocs/providers.xml

On 03/05/2012 at 23:57, "Edward C. Jones" <edcjones@comcast.net> wrote:

> I have an up-to-date Debian testing (wheezy), amd64 version, with kde.

Same here.
> If I click the boxed K,
>     System Settings
>     Application Appearance
>     Icons
>     Get New Themes
> I get the message: "loading of providers from file:
> http://download.kde.org/ocs/providers.xml
> failed".  Google found a number of kde bugs about this or related
> problems but I couldn't find any Debian bugs.  What is the status of
> this problem?

Could not reproduce problem. I see themes description, screenshot, can 
download and install them (although I had hard time finding anything working -- 
checked on DarkGlass-Reworked).

Maybe this is some network issue? Can you open that page (download.kde.org 
etc) in your web browser? Or download it using wget?
Best regards
Mirosław Zalewski

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