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RFS: RoboJournal


I'm writing to request sponsorship for RoboJournal, a journal/diary program written in Qt and released under GPL3. I'm contacting your group because I’ve heard that Debian-KDE also handles Qt projects.  There are very few journal/diary tools in Debian, so I felt the need to write my own. RoboJournal has been under development for about 7 months and allows users to create journals on local systems or remotely by using databases to hold the entry data.  Although RoboJournal is not a mature app yet,  it is stable, usable, and all major bugs in the codebase (as of version 0.2) have been fixed. This is the first project that I’ve ever packaged for Linux and I'm relatively new to the process, so I hope I’ve done everything correctly.

Package name: robojournal
Architectures: i386  and AMD64
License: GPL3
Short Description: "Free journaling software for everyone"
Long Description: "RoboJournal is a cross-platform journal/diary tool written in Qt/C++. Right now, RoboJournal only supports MySQL but support for SQLite (and possibly Postgres) will be added in future releases. RoboJournal runs on Windows and Linux."




Will Kraft

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