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Re: caldav options in kde 4.7.4

A Dimarts, 17 d'abril de 2012, Andreas Bourges va escriure:
> Hi,
> ...I'm looking for a way to connect my debian kde 4.7.4 / kdepim 4.4.11 to
> a sogo server for shared calendars. Using the integrated groupDav plugin
> did not work (kontact is showing errors when accessing those calendars,
> but initial communication seems to work since I can select the desired
> calendar from the folder-list during configuration...).

Me too...

> So I decided to use the calDav plugin from google
> (http://code.google.com/p/kcaldav, not maintained anymore). Using the
> plugin I can integrate the remote calendars and everything works fine
> (besides modifying existing entries...).
> *But* when using the the above package (which was built for a ubuntu
> version) kontact/korganizer crashes over and over again (multiple times
> and hour, maybe related to the synchronisation...).
> So is there a good way of using calDav in 4.7.4 without using the
> problematic calDav-plugin from google?

I think that no ...
> Any other method of using remote-calendars from  SOGo in kde?

not using an kde application that use akonadi or use iceowl
I'm using iceowl and works great with sogo. However, I'm waiting to could use 
kmail (specially contacts) with sogo.

AFAIK the kdepim integration in debian is a hot topic. The kdepim list is 
plenty of mails with people complaining about problems with kdepim. Also, I 
think that the some people in this list have an strong opinion against to 
package a new version kdepim waiting a new tested version. 

Really I would love to test kdepim4.8.x.

Best regards,


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